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About Us

We are in the process of working the details for setting up an "INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE".


It is proposed to start an Institute of Creativity, with the sole aim of providing opportunity to the students of all ages and to the common public who has novel, useful, innovative and creative ideas which can be implemented for possible use of the society. The proposed Institute shall be a non-profit organisation, run by a group of scientists, engineers and generalists forming a trust.

Aims and objectives:

In INDIA we lack very much behind in producing and marketing new, novel,innovative and creative products. One of the main reason for this is we do not have a place for a student or a common man where one can try out their creative ideas. The main aim of this Institute is to provide the facility and expert advise for converting ideas into possible products, processing, services etc. which will be useful for the society at large.

Mode of working:

Any one having an idea or innovative concept, can approach, the Institute for possible help. First this idea/invention with its description with sketch/drawing if any shall be protected with the following wording: "This invention was disclosed to me for the first time on ( date ) by (Inventor name) and I shall not disclose it to others." Signature of witness, preferably this will be notarised.

Then the experts shall discuss and look for possible implementation strategies. No charges shall be made for this work. Only successful products generated by this effort shall bring income to the Institute. Prototype design using computers and fabrication of the model shall be taken up by the Institute. If a patent is required necessary attempts may be made for this purpose. Marketing efforts shall also be taken up if it is useful and any industry is ready to take manufacturing it.

First activity:

First activity was conducted by Prof. S. Natarajan on "CREATIVE THINKING (CT) " .
This is a FREE summer workshop for high school students in the Age group 10-16 years. There are many applicants for the CT workshop. Only ten students are selected. The ( CT) workshop conducted from 23rd April, to 14th May,2009 From 10-30 to 11-30 AM. - (Mon.,Wed.,Fri.) Total 10 Hrs.

The venue is :-
Anna Gem Science Park Matriculation School
Gandhi Mandapam Road
Anna University Campus
Chennai-600025 ,INDIA

The programme conducted based on experiential learning method. Mostly interactive type of learning techniques were used. The students admitted to the CREATIVE THINKING ( CT) programme subjected to the following conditions.

· They must have the ability to take down notes in English.
· They must have Internet facility at home preferably with broadband connectivity.
· The CT programme expected 3-4 hours of working by the participants, in between the classes.
· Certificates and the teaching / learning materials(CD) were issued to participants who attend all the classes and submitted the home work, made short presentation on the Creative topic chosen by them.

Course Contents:-

1. Basics of thinking process
2. Creative Vs Logical thinking
3. Examples for creative thinking
4. Creative Idea generation techniques
5. Working on the Morphological method
6. Working on the Matrix method
7. Individual idea selection for implementation
8. Idea Screening methods
9. Brainstorming techniques
10. Final Implementation.
11. IPR Basics
12. Experience On Creative Thinking
by Prof. S. Natarajan- During (1961-2008)

Creative Writing By Prof. SN

Global Self-Faith Movement

We encounter more and more problems and conflicts of interest all around us. They are reflected at the national and international levels as well. We have many religions and most of them claim that they serve the society better. Actually the religious leaders themselves generate most of the problems. How can one solve these problems? Every one of us in the global village should ponder over the problems and aim at sorting them out.
One of the ideas viz. GLOBAL SELF FAITH MOVEMENT (GSFM) is narrated below:


· To achieve world PEACE / ORDER
· To remove hatred among the followers of different religions / faiths
· To remove the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor.
· To eradicate illiteracy at the earliest possible time
· To remove the gender difference.
· To boost the self-confidence of individuals.
· To pave the way for mutual trust.
· To provide assistance for the needy.
· To understand the real meaning of LIFE.
· To understand NATURE and its role in the human context.
· To prevent abusing Nature.
· To provide a congenial environment wherein we can live and let others live.
· To understand HUMAN NATURE.

Mode of Operation: -
§ No leader for this GSFM.
§ Anyone can join this faith.
§ No entrance fee/ subscription/ donation etc.
§ No head quarters or office.
§ All members have equal rights.
§ Every member should take an oath towards realizing the said objectives.
§ By way of realizing the objectives, each member should propagate this faith among as many persons as possible during his lifetime.
Loud thoughts of Prof.S.Natarajan to solve the GLOBAL Problem of religion and HATRED



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